2023 content strategy, backend improvements, and next conferences

October 2022

Three types of bad data from customer conversations: compliments, fluff, ideas.
A simple and hands-off strategy for long-term investing
A book full of right questions
99% of people are muted.
For a mind like water

September 2022

Understand the game you're playing, maximize the shots.
"CRO is better at shifting market positioning than branding"
"There is no innovation without risk."
This post is part of my summary of The Mom Test, a practical book for better customer conversations. Click here for context. Questions are tools In the…
Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five DaysContent experiment alert 🚨 Instead of committing to a book summary heavy lift every time, I believe Substack's thread feature works for capturi…
Goals, vision, purpose, and principles are the defining criteria for your priorities.